Breastfeeding vs formula feeding

Breastfeeding: Breast is best, but don’t be a tit about it!

Breastfeeding is heavily championed by parenting groups and medical professionals. It’s a subject of huge controversy and I’ve seen close friends at each other’s throats discussing it. Breastfeeding is up there with religion when it comes to causing arguments and woe betide anyone who uses the internet to discuss it. Well buckle up folks, I’m opinionated and brazen enough to say what I think on the matter, from public breast feeding to the use of formula… Continue reading “Breastfeeding: Breast is best, but don’t be a tit about it!”

Sleeping on teddy

“Sleep is for the weak!” – my daughter’s sleep pattern

It’s a curious thing – we crave, seek and pursue sleep but it’s essentially “dead time”. We don’t remember doing it but it takes up a third of our lives. If we don’t get enough of it we act like an arse and if we neglect it completely we just die. So why has mother nature decided that a newborn baby – something that takes a huge amount of concentration just to keep alive – will rob you of all but an hour’s kip here and there?! Continue reading ““Sleep is for the weak!” – my daughter’s sleep pattern”

The Walking Dead Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 review

What the hell did I just watch? I started The Walking Dead Season 7 debut episode feeling morbidly excited and saying “ooh I wonder who it is that got killed?”. By the time the credits had rolled I felt sick, shocked and I had that fight-or-flight response I very rarely get. I blame fatherhood for making me such a wreck with things like this now. Anyway, here are my thoughts on it…***SPOILER ALERT. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 7 EPISODE 1*** Continue reading “The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 review”

Autumn activities

Kate says: 10 things to do this autumn and Halloween

Apparently summer is over and autumn is here now, meaning Halloween is just round the corner. The change in season brings with it a shed load of activities. In the interest of remaining the HONEST father, I have to say I’m pretty rubbish at planning activities! Therefore my Fiancé, Kathryn, has written up a top 10 list of things to do this autumn. As a thank you she’s been granted her own category on the blog, “Kate says”, so keep an eye out for more… Continue reading “Kate says: 10 things to do this autumn and Halloween”


My 6 minute makeover and 16 year worries

I recently watched Honest Mum‘s live Facebook feed on how she applies her makeup (no it doesn’t apply to me, but her videos are good to watch anyway!). It struck me that it looks like a very hard skill to master, and that I should at least try it once in my lifetime. Don’t pretend you haven’t thought the same guys. Anyway, the idea evolved into having Evelyn put makeup on me. The results were interesting… Continue reading “My 6 minute makeover and 16 year worries”

Annoyance 1: Four reasons why I hate shaving

A lot of things piss me off. More than average I’d say, so I’ve decided to make a section just for them topics. Miserable? Yes – but don’t judge me just yet, see how many you can relate to first! First up, I hate shaving.

Continue reading “Annoyance 1: Four reasons why I hate shaving”

Second stage labour – one becomes two

I’ve already spoke about early labour and the things we weren’t warned about. That was now a distant memory, a lifetime ago, a reflection in a mirror on which the dust of the last few hours had settled. This is our story…  Continue reading “Second stage labour – one becomes two”

Early labour – a watched clock

The due date had arrived – and passed. In fact 10 days had passed and there was still no sign of baby making an appearance. Who the hell did she think she was? I’m at risk of having to return my Costco flowers here so we have fresh ones when we take you home. Time for a hospital visit so we can pick the lock on that cervical vault and maybe speed this up a bit…
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