10 minute diary

I’ve challenged myself to write this post in 10 minutes because, let’s face it, I don’t write enough. It’s a summary of everything I can think of that’s happened in the last few weeks, from radical feminists to Call of Duty…

Raging radfems – Radical Feminists

It’s been an eventful few weeks, mainly on twitter! I had the good old radical feminists raging again – that’s always fun but I get the feeling they don’t really like me. I mean beyond the Y chromosome and the external genitalia, they seem to really despise me. They (at least the ones I keep seeing on twitter) seem to believe that every male on the planet is a raping murderer. If you logically say “hang on, I don’t do that…” then you’re belittled and mocked for it. “WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE LADIES, HE’S CRYING “NOT ALL MEN”, OF COURSE IT’S ALL MEN!”. But it’s not, is it? I eventually got it out of them that men that know it’s not all men don’t need to say “not all men”, and their silence on the topic shows that they’re “one of the good ones”.

Ok – got that? So if you ever come across a group of radical feminists, let them call you a raping murderer. Should you object then it’s obvious that they’re right. If you remain silent and perhaps look guilty to bystanders, then at least the radical feminists know that you’re innocent. What a ridiculous community!

If you ever fancy getting whiplash by shaking your head so much, visit #NotAllmen and #YesAllmen on twitter. It’ll boil your blood.

Maybe don’t look them in the eye either. And stand sideways.

radical feminists, radical feminism
So…just let them call you it, ok? You have to – it’s how they know you’re innocent.
radical feminists, radical feminism
Cosy little echo chamber here…

Facebook groups

I was kicked out of another facebook group this week. I saw it coming, to be honest. You could say I asked for it, but it’s like being kicked out of my old Religious Education lessons – it’s not really a bad thing and I was only in there to piss about anyway.

The owner of the group wrote an article on being blocked from an account on twitter that he’d never engaged with. I knew the account, and asked. Turns out the account had been on the receiving end of some abuse from this guy 18 or so months ago. They sent me some screenshots and I posted one in the group. The inevitable happened – I got slated, and people assumed I’d gone trawling through 18 months’ of this guy’s tweets to find it. Christ.

So yeah, some guy asks the world why he’s blocked by an account on twitter, I answered him – honestly, albeit sarcastically – and got kicked out the group. Standard.

There was one guy, a dad blogger, who always defends this man’s actions. He asked if I spent my days getting aroused over pictures of people I don’t like. Strange question I feel. I pointed out that it’s ironic he’s a dad blogger when he looks like he shouldn’t be allowed within 500ft of a school. Low blow, and no I didn’t mean it, but I maintain that it’s a bloody funny line.

Call of Duty – WW2

I bought the game, like the sheep that I am – I’ve not played since the fourth one and I have to be honest here, I’m shocking at this game. I play when I can with the lads (lookin’ at you Carl, Alfie, Dan…).

The chat on this game isn’t how it used to be – there are far fewer 13 year old lads telling me exactly what they’ve done with my mum!

10 minutes are up – this was cathartic – I expect I’ll be doing this again!


3 thoughts on “10 minute diary

  1. Yep, you should do this again, I enjoyed reading it. Although the bit about the radical feminists made me stabby. I think you read my post about them a few months back. I don’t know how they get away with it in all honesty, imagine if someone was saying that about all women / black people / disabled people etc. It’s not on.
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  2. Great idea for a post! Might have to try that myself. Woah at the feminists though. I have been blissfully unaware, I think I will remain that way, jeesh!

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