Terrorism – my thoughts and despairs

Listen, I don’t claim to be an expert on global affairs. I’m not politically minded, despite how opinionated I seem at times. I’m not even claiming to have any suggestions on what can be done to right the wrongs with terrorism we see on an all-too-frequent basis. But I have something to say, and a platform to say it from…

Terrorism – my thoughts and despairs

Firstly, I’m human, I’m an inhabitant of this planet and I hope that continues to be the case for as long as it takes for me to ensure my family’s security – and then maybe some bonus years to explore the corners of the globe that haven’t been bombed to oblivion. Yet; because it’s only a matter of time.

In the last year I’ve been bombarded on every media channel with images of killing, destruction and maiming. People thinking up the sickest ways of hurting other people.

I’ve seen the aftermath of someone driving a 1000Kg vehicle at 70mph through a crowd of people. Scenes from a nightclub where joy was overlapped and then enveloped by sheer panic and terror.

I’ve seen the bodies of children being piled on to vans next to other children who’s parents are praying/willing (same thing) for them to just be ok, to be pain-free. There have been children, dazed and inflicted with that innocent panic and bewildered feeling they get when their parents are suddenly out of sight. Except they’re not in the next shopping isle, they’re not even in one place. They’re scattered across a 30 meter radius because they’ve been hit by an explosive blast. That panic isn’t a fleeting feeling until the parent comes back and comforts them – they’re just not coming back and that toddler is alone now.


What are we doing to each other? Why are people so blind to the absolute terror they cause because they’re trapped in an international dick-measuring contest? Terrorism makes us live in fear, and like any anxiety it comes in waves dictated by the trigger. The trigger is literal in this sense, though. Please, if anyone has a hint of reasoning on this then enlighten me.

Terrorism makes us live in fear, and like any anxiety it comes in waves dictated by the trigger. The trigger is literal in this sense, though. Click To Tweet

What disgusts me is how “normal” this has become. We’re no longer bothered about innocent people dying across the globe, that’s just a given – it’s a fact of life now. Our reaction to terrorist attacks has become dependent on how close to home they are, and that speaks a lot for the frequency of them, don’t you think?

Our reaction to terrorist attacks has become dependent on how close to home they are, and that speaks a lot for the frequency of them, don't you think? Click To Tweet

We’re not the only victims of terrorism

400,000 people die in Syria? We might shake our head as we take a sip of tea whilst sat in our warm, structurally sound, un-bombed house.

3,000 people die in the Twin Towers attacks? We might put our cup down and turn the volume up on the news.

5 people die in a London attack? That tea is gonna get cold. We need to act – let’s change our facebook profile pictures and tweet to a “pray4” hashtag.

These killings are all the same sickening, depraved thing.

I have a four year old daughter, she cries if she thinks I’m about to kill the spider she wants moving out of her room. We were all like that once – where is the exact moment when we go from that to flooding a village with chemicals which will make the entire population die an indiscriminately slow, painful death? Because that’s quite a jump…

I’ll finish writing this, then climb into bed and sleep soundly until I get up in the morning and wash/rinse/repeat. Because that’s what we do, isn’t it?

Let people escape terrorism

If you read this far, think for a minute about what I’ve said. Picture yourself and your children in each of those situations. Plough through the initial panic and do it for 5 minutes straight. Then imagine a glimmer of hope – the faintest possibility that you might be able to move to a safe country where you’ll be looked after and your children aren’t at risk of either dying or becoming orphans in any given second.

Done? Good.

Now imagine a mass of people in that place of last hope who will stop at nothing to make sure you never get to take your children there.

Are you lonely yet?

3 thoughts on “Terrorism – my thoughts and despairs

  1. Sadly terrorism is as old as the known history of humanity, consequently it is in turn the oldest and crudest form of control, and as we all know it is one way for terrorists, bullies and harassers to attempt to gain what they want for whatever reason. From the Vikings to modern times, it continues, in medieval times the Church and Nobility were the biggest terrorist of all, and the tool they used was Education. Uneducated people would do their bidding without question, they could do little else. After all who were they to question anything told them by they’re so called superiors. Look at any era from anywhere in the world and under examination, you will find some form of terrorist control, look what we the British did in Africa, India etc. However, what I find laughable is that most terrorist activity is employed in the name of a third party, usually God. The problem I am now having with the ISIS issues in fact any terrorism is that I am no longer actually sure what it is actually about, or what I am being told about it, at the end of the day the Media can easily be used as a control method , either by the powers who be and those who only want us to know so much, or so that they can feed it to us in exactly the way they want us to interpret it. It comes in to our daily lives constantly, it is spoon fed to us in our own sitting rooms at key news times, we see it on Newspaper Leaders and strap lines, and the good old internet, especially Social Media makes sure we never miss a beat at any time of day . Perhaps we are as much at fault for simply accepting something they want us to believe. Something else which always strikes me when anything happens, an horrific incident or when a major crimes is committed, it is more often than not, the perpetrator gets who examined in detail , their background, family and inconsequential people from their school is spoken too but victims get soon forgotten, Think of Fred and Rosemary West, or Harold Shipmen.. then name one of their victims. if terrorism hit the front pages then they have achieved radicalism on a massive scale and that intimidation grows because people become frightened . I do not pretend to understand fanaticism, or the behaviour and beliefs of Zealots, but in all honesty what I do find terrifying is knowing that there are people out there, who can get others to do their bidding no matter the cost, subordinates who are willing to destroy everything that goes against their belief.
    But what I do want to say is that surely whatever belief system a person follows, they are not prepared to accept that God, any God would want this carried out in their name, to murder maim and destroy, and that they will get to their own paradise and the gates will be flung open, with loving open arms to welcome them, but I think they need to be aware, some of their victims may be waiting there too.

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