Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Mark Thomas, I’m 32 years old and I am a fiancé to Kathryn (27) and dad to Evelyn (born November 2013). I work as a Systems Analyst in the centre of Liverpool, England and in the past I have worked as an Actuarial Assistant and an Implementation Consultant. I realise that all my job titles have been a bit ambiguous, but sometimes I know what I’m doing. Sometimes.

I found out in March 2013 that I was going to be a dad. I’d been with Kathryn for only 6 months, and it was a week before we were supposed to move in together. Eventful week eh? The whole pregnancy went by so fast and I can’t account for the almost 3 years since if I’m honest – a scary thought!

I decided to write this blog on the off chance I could entertain and even advise, and also so I could document the memories, thoughts and experiences that I’ve been graced with. I’ll be 100% honest with my posts (for which I apologise in advance to my loved ones) and I’ll try not to leave any detail out.

Kathryn and I both work, dropping Evelyn off at the childminders each morning and picking her up that evening. At the weekends we are trying to be more active and make plans – we are getting better at it too, but it’s not always as smooth as it could be.

I hope you enjoy my musings, complaints, experiences and mistakes!