Second stage labour – one becomes two

I’ve already spoke about early labour and the things we weren’t warned about. That was now a distant memory, a lifetime ago, a reflection in a mirror on which the dust of the last few hours had settled. This is our story…  Continue reading “Second stage labour – one becomes two”

Early labour – a watched clock

The due date had arrived – and passed. In fact 10 days had passed and there was still no sign of baby making an appearance. Who the hell did she think she was? I’m at risk of having to return my Costco flowers here so we have fresh ones when we take you home. Time for a hospital visit so we can pick the lock on that cervical vault and maybe speed this up a bit…
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Top 10 Items Dads Should Have in Their Labour Kit/Hospital Bag

There are so many articles out there that explain what mums should pack in their hospital bag when they go into labour. What about us dads? I’m sure you’ve got this covered, but here are my suggestions so you’re not caught short with your labour kit.

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