Pram Rage – it’s a thing

We’ve all heard of road rage – it comes as standard these days. Someone cuts you up – you give them the finger. Someone in a white BMW doesn’t indicate – you give them the finger. Some old dear going at 40mph on the motorway – you let that go, they’ll probably make it to their own wake at that rate. Since 2013 it’s all been about Pram Rage for me. Vein-popping, face-reddening Pram Rage. Continue reading “Pram Rage – it’s a thing”

This is a mum’s world

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been out with Evelyn alone and I’ve somehow invited dad stereotype┬ácomments such as “where’s mummy today then?”, “are you babysitting today?” and “you’ve been allowed out alone with her have you?”.
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