Indecent(ish) Proposal – proposing when she’s pregnant

We were pregnant, that much had sunk in. The idea of being a father had filtered through the layers of sediment and rock that was my reluctance to initially grasp it. The enriched product being bottled at the source was my excitement at becoming a dad. With that now settled, I could return to my task of organising my proposal – something I had planned to do before we even found out we were pregnant. Continue reading “Indecent(ish) Proposal – proposing when she’s pregnant”

Jekyll and Hyde (or rather, Hide!) – Pregnancy Mood

Whether you’ve read the book or not, most of us are familiar with the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – the mild-mannered individual who takes a potion and is awarded the addition of a new personality with psychopathic mood and tendencies. I’m sorry to say that this sums up pregnancy – and us guys supplied the potion. Continue reading “Jekyll and Hyde (or rather, Hide!) – Pregnancy Mood”

Liftoff in T Minus 9 Months

Well the 50 megaton bomb had well and truly been dropped on me. My girlfriend of 6 months was pregnant! I hadn’t seen her since finding out, and I hadn’t seen either set of parents.

They say in the second leading up to your death you see your whole life up to that point flash before your eyes, but in the second after finding out we were pregnant I saw everything my life could have been flash before my eyes.

Continue reading “Liftoff in T Minus 9 Months”