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Pram Rage – it’s a thing

We've all heard of road rage - it comes as standard these days. Someone cuts you up - you give them the finger. Someone in a white BMW doesn't indicate - you give them the finger. Some old dear going at 40mph on the motorway - you let that go, they'll probably make it to their own wake at that rate. Since 2013 it's all been about Pram Rage for me. Vein-popping, face-reddening Pram Rage. (more…)

Engie car diagnostics review

Engie Review – Diagnose Your Car’s Error Codes With Your Phone

Have you ever had the warning light come on in your car? You know - that ambiguous little LED. The one whose meaning could range from "I just feel like having a moan" to "CAR ABOUT TO BECOME A JIHAD JEEP, GET OUT!". I've had it come on before and I've been too afraid to drive the half mile to the garage. Then there's the charge for the garage connecting the diagnostics machine to the car. Irritating eh? Luckily there's a solution now, and it's more reasonable than you'd think... (more…)