There are some absolute shits out there! I’m reluctantly selling a load of camera gear – stuff I’ve become illogically and unrequitedly attached to over time (I imagine this is how cat owners feel). I listed it all on Facebook and Gumtree and the obvious happened…

PayPal scammer number 1

I listed the items on Facebook for £790 – a very, very good price for what’s included. I prepared myself for the flood of messages but none came. Until Jillian popped up on my screen. Fuck Jillian!

Jillian Leddra – a Facebook user with everything locked down (and has since had her account removed) – messaged and asked if the stuff was still available. I confirmed, and like a middle-aged divorcee in a brothel she made it RAIN with an offer of £830 plus postage.

I’m telling you, there were more alarm bells and red flags right there than that time I sold a mobile phone to Freddie Mercury in Indonesia and got ripped off (I was 16. I’ve learned a lot since then).

I sent my PayPal details and within seconds there was an email appearing to be from PayPal confirming I’d received £830. Only it wasn’t from PayPal. It was from some random email address – – and said the payment was from WillyWart442. I’m no expert, but if I was trying to appear as normal as possible to con people then I wouldn’t bring genital warts into it…

The email was full of typos, and there was a cheesy animated gif with a progress bar saying my payment was “95% confirmed” and just needed confirmation of postage. It’s like they’re not even trying any more!

I played dumb and decided to waste time for this person. I think they realised too soon though. I ruined it. Screenshots below, enjoy!





PayPal scammer number 2

A couple of days later I received another email from a Mr David Williams. A very usual-sounding name I’m sure you’ll agree. Suspiciously normal…

Same method, same stupid fake PayPal email – same domain the email was sent from ( – who are they kidding?!). Genital warts wasn’t there in name or spirit though, so that’s good! In this episode I confessed my love for David.

I got a bit bored towards the end, so I was glad when his intellect finally surpassed his greed. The prick!





So there you have it.

All fun and games yes – because I realised what they were doing very early on. But imagine I’d just sent a shit load of camera gear out to this person only to not receive payment and never hear from them again. These people are rotten to the core, despite their slapstick and unintelligent nature on the outside.