Apparently summer is over and autumn is here now, meaning Halloween is just round the corner. The change in season brings with it a shed load of activities. In the interest of remaining the HONEST father, I have to say I’m pretty rubbish at planning activities! Therefore my Fiancé, Kathryn, has written up a top 10 list of things to do this autumn. As a thank you she’s been granted her own category on the blog, “Kate says”, so keep an eye out for more…

Top 10 things to do this autumn

Pick your own pumpkins

What better way to mark Halloween than picking your own Pumpkin! Pumpkin picking is a great way to get your toddler outdoors during the October half term and a fantastic opportunity to teach them about where their food comes from. Wrap up warm, let your little one run around in the fresh air and choose which pumpkin to take home! 

Pumpkin Picking
It’s hard to tell where the pumpkin ends and Evelyn begins

Decorate your house 

Americans have been all over this for years but it’s becoming ever more popular in the UK. Try your hand at making your own autumn wreath, pave your path with pumpkins & lanterns, or for the braver amongst us, go for a spooky skeleton or witch for your garden. Discount high street shops are great for cheap decorations and makes the experience of Halloween much more exciting for younger children.

Halloween decorations
Evelyn loved helping out with this

Go for a woodland walk

There’s a whole spectrum of colour to enjoy during autumn and a lovely way to take it all in is to go for a woodland walk.

It’s a great learning experience for your toddler! Talk about the changing colour of leaves and play games sorting them into colours. Hunt for conkers, collect pine cones and build a den. For those up in the North West of England, Delemere Forest is a great day out for all the family with safe routes mapped out for your youngsters. Evelyn made a fantastic ‘fairy house’ on one of our recent visits! 

Autumn activities
It even has a dining table!

Cook the pumpkins

Vampires, ghosts, and zombies on the streets – there are many reasons Halloween is the spookiest day of the year. But perhaps the scariest thing about it is the mountain of food waste generated by all the discarded pumpkins.

Research suggests that around 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin was sent to landfill sites in the UK last Halloween, so put yours to good use. There are some delicious recipes out there from pumpkin soup to pumpkin lattés. One of our favourites is Pumpkin, Ginger & Coconut Soup, check out this recipe and many more here on Honest Mum’s site.

Much better than throwing it away!

Ghost bunting

I’ve mentioned decorating already, but I think ghost bunting deserved a mention all on its own. It’s a cheap and fun activity for a rainy autumn day and all that’s needed is string, cotton wool, man size tissues and a black felt tip pen. It makes a lovely window decoration and your little one will love adding the eyes onto these little ghouls!

Fetching and so easy to make!

Make a sticky picture with autumn leaves/conkers

Use your collection of autumn goodies foraged from your recent woodland walk and make an autumn sticky picture. It’s one for the fridge and it’s a lot of fun to make. We are making ours this weekend, I’ll update this post when it’s done!

Healthy halloween snacks

Halloween really can be a horrifying time when it comes to sugary snacks from trick or treating. Pinterest is full of great and healthy ideas. Why not have a go at serving up pumpkin nectarines, banana ghosts or these shredded chicken and rice stuffed peppers

There are plenty of healthier hallowed treats

Trick your treaters

Have some fun with your trick or treaters. Rather than just handing out sweets, get them bobbing for apples on your front lawn or tie a donut up with a piece of string and challenge your creepy callers to take a bite!

You want a treat? Work for it!

Harvest festival – Donate to a food bank 

Teach your little one the act of giving with a harvest of your own. Raid your cupboards and put together your own autumn food hamper – donate it to your local food bank. There are always people in need.

Causes like this are important!

Jump in a pile of leaves

Last but by no means least, seize the opportunity for a bit of free fun! Rake all those unwanted leaves up and let your toddler go crazy. Dive in them, kick them and throw them in the air. It makes a great photo opportunity so cameras at the ready!

Create a pile of leaves and go nuts!

Above all, have fun – create memories and cherish your family! Happy Halloween Folks!