About a month ago I tweeted out a picture of my big toe obnoxiously sticking through the gaping hole in my sock. It was ridiculous – a greater man would have been ashamed but, you know, it’s me. After seeing the tweet, those awesome guys at bodybranded.com¬†emailed me offering to send some much needed essentials out to me.

Essentials from bodybranded.com

I must be getting old – the prospect of getting socks and underwear as a gift seemed appealing to me. Especially since they offered to send out all of the following:

  • 3 pairs of Ben Sherman socks
  • Ben Sherman dressing gown
  • 3 pairs of Reebok performance trunks
  • 2 Reebok performance T-shirts
bodybranded gear

Erm – yes please. I’ll take them – my current underwear is so worn and full of holes that it’s hard to know where to stick my legs. I don’t own a dressing gown, my socks are shit and I joined a gym a few weeks ago so I need the workout t-shirts too. Great timing!

The kit

Listen, I’m not about to sit here and write some shit about how “amazing” socks are. They’re just a necessity that we don’t really notice – like toilet paper, or that Television X subscription. I will say this, though…I’ve never owned a pair of Ben Sherman socks. In fact I’ve only ever owned Primark socks, a few from Tesco and one Pringle sock (yes, one) that I stole from my dad. The Ben Sherman ones are far superior to any of these.

I wore the performance T-shirts to the gym (sucking my dadbod in the whole time, obviously). The material actually wicked away the sweat and made the workout manageable. I’ve never had one of these workout tops before – hitherto favouring my ridiculous t-shirts which are completely inappropriate for the gym. I can see myself going for a run in these tops without it being overly uncomfortable like it has in the past. I’ve yet to try the trunks, though. But really – wearing a thong would be an improvement to my current collection.

This dressing gown, though. My god, it’s luxury! I’ve worn it every night since I received it – and it’s absolutely perfect for this time of year! I can move about in it, it’s cosy, warm, and the sleeves are like something you’d see in a vintage porn film.

Overall, I’m made up with the supply drop from bodybranded.com – thanks guys!