The Philips OneBlade (QP2530) is Philips’s (Philips’?) answer to bridging the gap between an electric shaver and a beard trimmer. It’s aimed at those of us who want to style their facial hair (hence the funky shape). Philips claims the OneBlade is able to shave, trim and edge all lengths of hair. For me, the best part about the Philips OneBlade is its gentle shave – especially given my issues with shaving.

Features of the Philips OneBlade

What does it do?

The Philips OneBlade can be used wet and dry – so if you’re a shower-shaver then you’re in the target market for this. Personally I prefer to use electric razors on dry hair – it just “feels” like a cleaner cut to me.

The Philips OneBlade comes with three combs in the box. These can be fitted to the main blade to achieve different stubble-lengths, if that’s your thing. I might try this out, although my three year old claims my “sandy face” scratches her, so I may not!

Philips OneBlade power switch and eject mechanism
The only two buttons are a digital power switch and a mechanical eject button

Philips claim that you can get 45 minutes of shave-time from the Philips OneBlade. I don’t think I’ve cumulatively used it for this long so I can’t attest to that. The power of the shaver doesn’t seem to have dropped with use as I’ve seen in the past with others, though. I can usually hear that drop in tone with other electric razors, meaning less power is being delivered to the motor. I’ve not heard that with the OneBlade.

I mention in my video (below) that the OneBlade feels light. At 324g it’s not the lightest one on the market, though. I think the light feel is down to the contoured body, it’s very sleek and very easy to hold – handy for the precision trimming. There is no LCD display, but for £35 you really are getting a lot for your money in terms of function and usability.

How does it work?

The Philips OneBlade utlises both a rotary and trimming action to shave, and this is where it truly shines. When shaving, I am confident that the trimmer cuts the longer hair and preps my beard for the flat shaver that follows. The cutter moves at a rapid 200 times per second, so there’s reduced snagging (unless used without turning it on. See video below…). I find myself using the Philips OneBlade in both directions, almost softly rubbing the skin – the trimmer is on both sides of the head so this works remarkably well.

Philips OneBlade head
The dual-function head has a trimming and rotary action to allow for a close shave

The contoured body allows for a very comfortable hold, which is half the battle when trying to precision trim. The rubberised grip also allows for those comfortable mid-shave micro adjustments (if you’ve ever tried to shave a straight line in, you’ll know what I mean!). A thin base also helps here.

The head pivots slightly, allowing it to maintain good contact on the surface of the face as you move along the jawline. This helps a lot, especially if you have sensitive skin like me, as it allows for fewer passes of the razor.

Who is it for?

When Philips sent me this razor, they said this in their email:

The Philips OneBlade is our new hybrid trimmer that’s proven to trim, edge and shave any length of hair – it’s perfect for younger guys who are experimenting with facial hair for the first time.

Now, I’m 32 – I wouldn’t say I’m old per se, but I’m not exactly young. I’m certainly not experimenting with facial hair for the first time. HMS Puberty sailed a long time ago for me, thankfully.

Personally, I would reword this to say that it’s perfect for anyone who wishes to have precision control over their shave. It’s as simple as that, take age out of the equation. I think anyone who shaves would benefit form this product’s unique form factor and hybrid system.

Any drawbacks?

I’ve read that the Philips OneBlade can take a long time to charge – 8 hours (though I’ve not charged my own yet – I don’t own a shaving mains adapter!).

I do find that the shaver gets clogged pretty easy. I don’t mean clogged to the point of not working, but it is certainly preventing the shave from feeling as clean as it could, and means more passes of the razor are needed until it’s unclogged. This isn’t a major drawback, but I feel it warrants a mention at least.

The head of the razor is good for four months of shaving, based on two full shaves a week. This seems a bit on the short side to me. A spare head came in the box but at £19.99 for a pack of two heads, this could be frustrating. Still…it’s a lot easier on the wallet than the standard razors out there!

This is a strange one – but as mentioned on the video, the razor seems to shoot out the shaved hairs like some kind of cannon! The cleanup took a bit longer than I would expect because of this, and I’m sure I’ll be finding bits of my face-garden around the bathroom for a few days to come now. Weird, I know.


In short, this is the best electric razor I’ve ever used. I’ve not owned many (about 4) but I’ve used a fair few before. The main point to take away here is that every razor I’ve ever used has left me with razor burn and a rash. That goes for standard and electric razors (not including beard trimmers, which leave a few millimetres of stubble). So using the Philips OneBlade and experiencing both a close shave and lack of the rash and burn, well, it’s exciting. As exciting as a shave can get anyway.

The Philips OneBlade really stood out when shaving the neck area – shaving against the grain on my neck usually results in a fire-like burn that bleeds and itches for a day or so, but not here. Reduced razor-burn isn’t even one of the main marketing points that Philips aims for here, but they’re missing a trick because it excels at this!

Video review



  • Close shave without razor burn
  • Pivoting head allows for closer shave on jawline
  • Wet and dry shaves
  • Precision shaving actually works
  • Design and shape is very comfortable
  • Price – £34.99 is a bargain for this. Especially of those that suffer from razor burn.


  • Ridiculous charge time
  • Only 45 minutes of usage per charge
  • Prone to clogging if shaving longer beards
  • Seems to spray the shaved hair, weirdly
  • Short life of shaving heads.