Physics and superheroes

Physics and superheroes do not mix

Kate said something interesting to me recently – “It must be exhausting in your head”. She’s referring to my fast yet seemingly random train of thoughts, and she’s right – it is exhausting.

My train of thought gets so carried away that it’s amazing the measly mind powering it manages to cope. This happens a lot when I watch superhero films. I love them, but I find myself somewhere between “Wow cool” and “…but hang on – that can’t happen”. Physics and superpowers don’t generally go well together. Continue reading “Physics and superheroes do not mix”

Writing skills to be a good blogger

Do you need writing skills to be a successful blogger?

Ok I’ve moaned about this enough on Twitter, I’m writing this short post on the matter then I’ll drop it. This is something that hasn’t sat well with me since I started this blog – fraud, misdirection, fakery and success in the face of complete and utter incompetence. Continue reading “Do you need writing skills to be a successful blogger?”

Why Playing the Lottery Is a Man’s Thing

(This is a sponsored post, written by a company that requested to use my platform for exposure).

These days, one must take care not to discriminate by gender. Men and women were created equal after all and it would not be politically correct to suggest otherwise. Therefore it may come as a surprise that when it comes to online gaming, there is a distinct difference in behaviour between the sexes. And it may be even more surprising to learn that men play the lottery more than women! Continue reading “Why Playing the Lottery Is a Man’s Thing”

Online bullying, slander on facebook

Facebook slander – being slandered in a private facebook group

The last few days have been interesting.

I was made aware of a thread on a Facebook group where people, some I’ve never even heard of, took it upon themselves to “Facebook slander” me. This was a small group of contributors to a larger main group, which currently has over 54,000 members.

Sorry, but I’m not about to let that one go. Continue reading “Facebook slander – being slandered in a private facebook group”

child drank alcohol, four year old child drunk, child dunk

Restaurant mistake rendered our four year old child drunk

Seeing our daughter intoxicated was something Kate and I thought we had over a decade to prepare ourselves for. Apparently not – a mistake from a local restaurant meant that we witnessed our four year old child drunk. As if that wasn’t weird and disturbing enough, she had the inevitable hangover the next day. I appreciate this might sound funny to some but think about it – she’s four years old, and she was drunk. It’s wrong… Continue reading “Restaurant mistake rendered our four year old child drunk”

Advice from the future

Advice from the future – a society 10 years from now

The year is 2028. This is a letter from yourself, 10 years on. Some advice from the future, if you like. Use it as a guide, because the next 10 years are going to be a roller coaster. I suppose the phrase you’d use in 2018 is “tread on egg shells”, but since global veganism was declared mandatory in 2021, the phrase has been banned.

Continue reading “Advice from the future – a society 10 years from now”

Terrorism, refugees

Terrorism – my thoughts and despairs

Listen, I don’t claim to be an expert on global affairs. I’m not politically minded, despite how opinionated I seem at times. I’m not even claiming to have any suggestions on what can be done to right the wrongs with terrorism we see on an all-too-frequent basis. But I have something to say, and a platform to say it from… Continue reading “Terrorism – my thoughts and despairs”

bodybranded gear

Much-needed men’s essentials from

About a month ago I tweeted out a picture of my big toe obnoxiously sticking through the gaping hole in my sock. It was ridiculous – a greater man would have been ashamed but, you know, it’s me. After seeing the tweet, those awesome guys at emailed me offering to send some much needed essentials out to me. Continue reading “Much-needed men’s essentials from”

Problem with blogging

The problem with blogging…is bloggers

I started this blog just over a year ago. I had no idea what a blog was until I saw an advert pop up for a £7 course on “How to start a blog”. I was bored, curious, and had £8.45 left in my account – I was fully qualified to do this! 14 months later, and here’s what I’ve learnt. The problem with blogging is bloggers.

Continue reading “The problem with blogging…is bloggers”